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Terms & Conditions

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      Thank you for using ShopsRide. These terms of use are intended to make we both legally banded to each other through service and facility. These terms aware you the legal rights and Conditions to access to use of our platforms website and Mobile Application.

       Please read this terms Carefully. By accessing the platforms or using our service we are legally binding a contract with ‘’ShopsRide E Commerce Services Pvt. Ltd.’’ When you agree this terms then only you are allowed to use our service.

  • Terms About Personal Information For Registration

We need identifiable information while registration purpose from you so in consideration of you are providing a legal and true information then only we provide you better service if there is untrue or incomplete we reserve a right to terminate your account. Some information required for our official work and for legal policies and Other General information required for using our service such as Mobile No, Location, Address, Contact person Detail by this information we can give you the best service if any information is incorrect we can’t reach at you

  • Terms about Service & Payment

ShopsRide is a platform where we give you service from third party merchants that are trusted and choice by you. The product or material is choice by you is may be concern with the merchants trust, So we are not responsible for the Quality of Product, We are providing a task service in which we just get the product at your doorstep from shop, then the payments of it can be taken through different payment service option available on platforms

  • Terms About User information

User is someone who use our service by accessing our platforms with providing legal and true information. We provide you service if you give the correct information, the information you provide on behalf of which task will be completed, if there is incorrect information then we reserves right to terminate your task and account. We take an responsibility to secure information that provided by you.

  •  Terms about Warranties and Liability

User has to always check the Warranty of the product or material at the time of delivery, The product are available on platforms are gone through all testing of Expiry dates and warrant detail but ShopsRide is Only provide you service so have to be always aware about checking the Warranties and Liability of service or Product.  

  •  Terms about Service & Complaints

These terms are concern with the service that you take forms our platforms. The service we provide is always follow our policies to complete task so the terms are mentioned are also followed by you. If any query or Complaint about the service you can connect with us on our support No. and Support email. So we can sort out your issues related to service.

  • Terms About Cancelation & Refunds

Any order is always proceed when user confirm it form theri side and If thereafter user wish to cancel it user may have to pay service fee if order is already commenced.

When you confirm your order then third party merchants has been star engaged with completion of task, and if we provide a cost for it then the order will not be cancel. Then you have to some service fee for order to cancel it and this will done by contacting support team.

Order cost or Product is only refunded when

  • When the product is damaged at the time of delivery
  • If the product quality are not match with specified quality then the refund is only possible by acceptance of third party merchants. If they reject your complaint about quality then your product will not be refunded.
  • If we are not providing service at some location then we will cancel order and refund your cost